Sports Massage Bedford

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Sports and remedial massage is a form of massage aimed at people who regularly engage in any form of physical activity.

That may be gardening, running, training in the gym even sitting at a work station for extended periods.

It can be applied pre-event, post event as an aid to rehab injuries or as prehab to prevent injuries. It can be used to prepare the bodies tissues for surgery and be used to speed up healing post-surgery.

Sports massage’s main focuses are to achieve peak performance, remain injury free and to support the body’s own healing abilities.

This is achieved using basic massage techniques like:

• Petrissage
• Effleurage
• Tapotement
• Vibration
• Compression
• Deep strokes and Friction

These are complimented by the more advanced techniques such as:

• Soft tissue release (STR)
• Muscle energy techniques (MET)
• Neuromuscular techniques (NMT)
• Myofascial release
• Positional release
• Connective tissue release

Together these techniques are used to restore natural balance to the body. This will leave the client with a greater ability to enjoy movement again. Read more…

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